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Property ownership using NFT’s and the blockchain

October 7, 2023

Welcome to the finance update for the week ending 7 October, 2023.

Another sigh of relief this week with the RBA holding the cash rate steady for the third consecutive month, although the indicators underpinning the decision are looking little shakey. Of greatest concern to the RBA of course is the rapid rebound in property values and buyers swiftly returning to the market.

In this week’s newsletter, we take a look at how ownership of property via tokens on the blockchain has the potential to revolutionise the real estate market as we know it.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have swiftly risen in popularity across diverse industries, and their influence has the very real potential of infiltrating estate ownership in Australia.

Understanding NFTs in Real Estate

NFTs entail the tokenisation of property assets, enabling fractional ownership and creating novel avenues for investment. These digital tokens signify ownership rights and can be purchased, sold, and traded on blockchain platforms, thereby enhancing liquidity and accessibility.

Benefits and Opportunities

Fractional Ownership: NFTs facilitate fractional ownership of real estate properties by subdividing large assets into many smaller, tradable tokens. This democratises investment opportunities, allowing a more diverse range of investors to participate in the real estate market with smaller capital contributions.
Increased Liquidity: The tokenisation of real estate assets through NFTs facilitates secondary market trading, enabling investors to buy and sell their fractionalised ownership stakes. This heightened liquidity offers flexibility and exit strategies, mitigating the traditional illiquidity associated with real estate investments.
Global Accessibility: Putting aside rules and regulations relating to foreign ownership of Australian property, NFTs eliminate geographical barriers, potentially enabling investors worldwide to engage in the Australian real estate market.

Other advantages and Considerations

Fractional Ownership Benefits: NFTs enable investors to diversify their Australian real estate portfolios, reduce investment risk, and access a broader range of property types and locations.
Transparency and Security: Blockchain technology ensures transparent ownership records and secure transactions, mitigating fraud risks and enhancing trust in the Australian real estate market.
Regulatory Considerations: The use of NFTs in Australian real estate raises regulatory considerations that differ across jurisdictions. Compliance with legal frameworks and regulations is crucial to ensure investor protection and maintain market integrity.


NFTs could reshape the Australian real estate market by revolutionising property ownership and investment.

Fractional ownership, increased liquidity, and global accessibility stand out as key advantages that NFTs offer to investors.

As this evolving market progresses, it is crucial for stakeholders, including investors, developers, and regulators, to navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with NFTs in Australian real estate. Collaboration, regulatory frameworks, and industry standards will play pivotal roles in ensuring the growth and sustainability of this transformative trend.

It’s uncertain when this kind of property ownership will move into the Australian mainstream, but it almost certainly will at some stage. How the impact of tokenised ownership destabilises real estate markets is a little hard to predict, but it has the potential to turn the market as we know it on it’s head.

Any changes in interest rates from last week are highlighted in orange.

Note – Increases announced by lenders as a result of RBA decisions normally take 1-2 weeks to come into affect.


The rates below are based on a $500,000 loan, with the borrower making principle and interest payments with a loan term of 30 years. The rates quoted may vary depending on the borrowers LVR.

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The rates below are based on a $500,000 loan, with the borrower making principle and interest payments with a loan term of 30 years. The rates quoted may vary depending on the borrowers LVR. At the end of the three year fixed period, the borrowers interest rate will revert to a standard variable rate for the life of the loan.

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