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Conveyancing the easy way

Proudly part of the Mortgage Domayne family, our dedicated conveyancing team have years of experience. We’ll navigate the complexities of property law, avoid any pitfalls and take care of every details. Most reassuringly, we’ll be right by your side until settlement.

Individual conveyancing solutions

Our extensive skills and knowledge extend to all aspects of residential and commercial conveyancing. Importantly, our experience has taught us that no two property transactions are the same. That experience frames our approach, which is to provide a holistic solution to best suit your property needs.

Our promise

Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll ensure your best interests are upheld. That involves research, navigating contracts and preparing all documentation. We’ll also take care of all the legal obligations. In short, we’ll do everything to ensure a smooth transfer. And throughout that journey, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Our services buying

  • Development & subdivision
  • Research & titles
  • Transfers & documentation
  • Liaise with third parties
  • Legal & tax obligations
  • Searches & certificates

Our services selling

  • Searches & titles
  • Prepare Section 32
  • Obtain certificates & statements
  • Discharges & withdrawals of caveats
  • Coordinate settlement with all parties
  • Liaise with banks or finance

How we can help you

  • Search

    As they say, the devil’s in the detail – that’s why we’re across everything. We’ll arrange & conduct all searches, inspections & research.

  • Comply

    So your obligations are met, we'll make sure everything is 100% locked in. That includes receiving & providing all documentation.

  • Explain

    Conveyancing can be confusing. There’s legal jargon, property lingo & so much detail. No problem – we’ll translate it into plain English!

  • Advocate

    We're there acting for you every step of the way. We'll ensure your interests are looked after & the settlement is hassle-free.

  • Draft

    There's always a heap of paperwork & documentation that needs to be drafted. We'll take care of it all to the highest standards.

  • Liaise

    Conveyancing can involve third parties. Don't stress, because we'll liaise with them & ensure what needs to be done, gets done.

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